Better failing in originality

than to succeed in a perfect copy

The Club

Every Friday evening around 8pm we meet to practice this fine hobby, share techniques, provide positive feedback, drink a beer and have some good laughter. To be honest must members are not members but are friends with the same passion

KMK believes that everybody can practice this hobby and that we need to provide everybody with positive remarks and constructive ideas. KMK practice all disciplines of scale modeling: Aircraft, AFV’s, figures (sculpting and painting), diorama’s, ships, cars, science fiction, trains, … you name it. Everybody is welcome.

The address:
“PC Ten Aard” Vaartstraat 40, 2440 Geel, Belgium

As a club, we organize exhibitions, theme- and demonstration-evenings and even competitions. Each year we even organize a big convention: “Scale World“. We also visit many other shows and competitions, in Belgium but also often abroad.

Scale World 2022

Our 20th Scale Model World is scheduled for Sunday September 18th, 2022 is.

A selection of our work