Contest Rules

  • The contest is accessible to all.
  • We prefer subscriptions online (2 Euro/model). Use the registration document which can be found on this site. Subscriptions on the day itself will cost 3 euros/model.
  • All payments, as well as online registration, occur on Scale World itself.
  • There is no limit on the number of models that can be registered per participant.
  • Junior modelers up to the age of 15 can register for free. Their models can be registered in a separate category (Juniors). However, if they wish, they may also participate in the other categories for free.In the categories Military Vehicles 1/35, Aircraft and Helicopters 1/48 and Single Figures, one has the option to subscribe in a Masterclass category, in addition to the standard category.
  • The participant can choose to participate in Standard or Master class. However, if a participant wins gold in a standard category, this participant is required to subscribe in the relevant Master class in subsequent years.
  • Reference material and photographs taken during model construction may be shown next to the model.
  • If the organization believes that a model has been entered in the wrong category, it can be moved to another category. This can never cause a competitive disadvantage for this particular model.
  • Models may be taken from competition tables by professional photographers (international magazines and on the Internet). If you prefer no to, please report this at registration.
  • If a model is not firmly attached to the base or foundation on which it is presented, please mark it on the registration card. This can help prevent accidents.
  • Models may only be taken from the competition tables after the award ceremony.
  • The organization reserves the right to remove any models from the contest which, for any reason, offend. If possible, this will be done in consultation with the relevant participant.
  • Although the organization does everything within its power to avoid this, the organization is not responsible for any damage or theft of models.
  • Each category will be judged by at least two jury members belonging to the organizing club.
  • Models are judged at their level. Therefore, multiple gold, silver or bronze medals are possible per category. However, some medals may not be awarded.
  • The jury’s decision is final.
  • Participating in the contest implies that you agree to the rules.
  • To participate in our contest “click subscription”

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